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From active people to active people
From active people to active people

Since 1991, the Julijana agency has been offering a variety of activities for all generations. In 2023, we decided to give our old lady Julijana a little refreshment, rejuvenate her, and inject some new energy into her veins. Julijana has become a space representing a base. In Julijana, there’s a scent of coffee, adventures, and interesting stories, of which you will also be a part. Julijana’s base is the starting point for all the trips we organize (paragliding trips, cycling tours, mountain guiding, sledding, Kekec Land, team buildings, workshops…). Our idea is for you to recognize Julijana as a creative base, where you will come up with new ideas or just share your story and past experiences.


In Juliana we strive to offer each and every one of you an activity that will make sure that the blood circulates faster through your veins. From more adrenaline, to pleasantly casual…


In Juliana we are aware that a good rest is very important. Every good day ends and starts with a good night’s sleep, so for a quality rest we offer you our two apartments that hear the name Maxi and Mini.

At Juliana, we assure you that good coffee is a key part of the puzzle of a great day. In our coffee corner we have special blends of speciality coffee for you, which are roasted at the Stow Roasting Plant in Ljubljana.

Borovška cesta 93b, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

Meta in Žiga
Stena, plezanje
Meta in Žiga
Meta Hrovat

Who we are

We are Meta and Žiga, stepping into the big boots of a family story started by my parents. They began by collecting old sleds throughout the Upper Sava Valley and sledding on Vršič. They revived the story of Kekec, which still resonates with generations of Slovenian children today. We want to continue the story, just like Jani and Darja, we can’t sit still either. We added our beloved peaks, rising above Kranjska Gora, to the story. Likewise, I hope that Julijana will be a base where you are welcome to have some fun together.

See you in Kranjska Gora!

Stena, plezanje
A few quick facts
A few quick facts

Every fourth Slovenian has surely visited Kekec Land.


The Julijana agency was founded in 1991.


The inspiration for the name Julijana comes from the Julian Alps.


Sledding has been conducted at five different locations: Tromeja, Vršič, Krnica, Gozd Martuljek, Poderšek.

Julian's diary

About movement, community, more or less adventurous adventures.